News - Feb 01 2016



The PLC area of the College is now extremely busy with learners finishing their work placement programmes and completing their final assessments.  The College is very grateful to all employers who participated in the programme this year.  Work placement is an invaluable experience for all candidates.

The College is presently recruiting for its PLC programmes for the next school year.  This year the College is introducing two new, exciting programmes in Construction Technology and Social and Community Care at QQI Level 5 and revising the Business Technology programme to include a tourism component.  The College currently offer courses in Childcare, Community Development and Youthwork, Nursing Studies, Healthcare and Business Technology at level 5.  It offers Advanced Administration with HR at level 6.  We encourage interested candidates to apply early as last year there were waiting lists for many of our programmes.  If you have any queries or wish to apply online, visit our website at, emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone the College at (0505) 23939 and the PLC Co-ordinator, Mary McGrath or Tutors will be happy to assist you.  The College will be running an Information/Enrolment Evening on Monday, 7th March at 8 pm.


PLC Comm Dev J Lupton

 John Lupton (Chairman RCDC), pictured with staff and PLC learners from the Coláiste.  John recently gave a talk to the PLC Community Development and Youthwork programme at Coláiste Phobal Ros Cré.



 TY Woman day

Thursday the 28th January all the girls from Transition Year in Coláiste Phobal Ros Cré went up to the NTLP in Roscrea. We met with Fr. Lorcan and Deirdre. We started off our day with a visualisation led by Fr. Lorcan. After that we met with 3 very inspiring women Linda, Maureen and Miriam. They talked to us about what is expected from women. All the girls found this very interesting. We then split into groups and discussed what was expected of us TY. There was a lot of different answers for this activity. We then went for a tea break and a bun which were made by the lovely canteen staff up in the NTLP. After our tea break was over we returned back to the room to continue on with the rest of the day. We got back into our groups and started another activity to do with the stereotyping of women. Everybody had different opinions on each women. And we played the game who am I. We then went on lunch and again we would like to thank the lovely canteen staff up in NTLP for providing us a lovely meal. After lunch we got split into new groups and we discussed problems and solutions and we were giving a task to complete. We were then giving a scenario and we had to come up with idea on how to solve this scenario. We all gave very humorous answers. This was our last activity of the day. We then ended with another visualisation led by Fr. Lorcan.

All the girls had a great day out and on behalf of all the TY girls we would like to thank all the staff in the NTLP, Linda, Maureen and Miriam for coming and making the day extra special and of course to Fr. Lorcan and Deirdre for organising the day. We had a lovely day and learned a lot from it.  



On Thursday, the 15th January, all of the male transition year students travelled to NTLP Roscrea for the annual man day programme. It was a calming experience overall, firstly we met with the five speakers who told us about their experiences and what they feel they are expected to do as a man in today’s society, this was a very good experience, and we thank all of the 5 lads who took the time out of their day to speak to us. Then, Deirdre Cahir and Father Lorcan spent the rest of the day doing various activities with us. These activities varied from games and magic tricks, to a series of scenarios and chats about expectations of us as teenage men. Overall we truly enjoyed the day and cannot wait for the next man day in a few weeks’ time. We would to thank Fr. Lorcan and Deirdre for organising the day and as well as all staff in NTLP Roscrea for their hospitality.

(By Rory Delaney and Neil Maher)